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The Changing Healthcare Billing Codes Create New Revenue Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals

Good news is on the horizon. As the healthcare landscape continues to change and evolve, physicians and other healthcare professionals will soon be reimbursed for providing training to family caregivers for certain health conditions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid have already set up billing codes for physician treating patients with Alzheimer's, Dementia, and other Cognitive Health Conditions.

Along with the revenue coming from Family Caregiver Training Reimbursement, CareLink360 is offering Physicians and their practice an opportunity to offer our Digital Health Companion™ to their patients and share in the revenue through partnership.


Our Digital Health Companion™ runs over our Private, Secure and Encrypted Network, and was designed from the ground up for Aging adults who are Technology Deficient, and living with early to mid-stage Alzheimer's, Dementia or other Cognitive Health Challenges. With Patient Safety being our number 1 priority, the Sociavi Digital Health Companion™ has the latest security features and functions built in to protect the user.

The CareLink360 Digital Health Companion™ offers your patients the following:


  • The opportunity to participate in Virtual Social Therapy® (video chat) with their family, friends and loved ones on our 15" touch screen Digital Health Companion™

  • The ability to engage in over 400 cognitive health modules specifically designed for your patients like yours

  • The opportunity for the family to set important reminders which have to be acknowledged by the patient

  • The ability to participate in music therapy, listen to books designed for patients, and many other fun, enjoyable and cognitive stimulating activities and tools


Partnership and increased revenue for your practice are easy. Through our Partnership Program, we handle it all: Sales materials and Support, Distribution of the Digital Health Companion™, Technology support for the user and their family, and any required follow-up. 

Ready To Find Out More About What Other Healthcare Professionals Have To Say?

For more information about how CareLink360 can assist you in increasing your practice revenue and improve staff utilization, call us at: 888 - 762 - 4284 Ext. 802, and a professional from our team will assist you.

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