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Digital Health and Value Based Care Create New Revenue Opportunities for Healthcare Professionals 

2024 is expected to bring change to the healthcare landscape, and partnerships will present revenue opportunities for physicians and their practices.


The term "Value Base Care" can mean different things to different people but through partnership, here is how revenue opportunity will present themselves: 

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): Digital health technologies enable physicians to remotely monitor patients' health and wellness while collecting real-time data. By implementing RPM solutions, physicians can provide proactive care, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve patient outcomes. Healthcare providers can bill for these monitoring services, resulting in additional revenue streams.

  • Virtual Visits: Digital platforms that provide Virtual patent check-ins allow physicians and their staff to provide virtual consultations to patients, eliminating the need for in-person visits. By offering virtual check-in services, physicians can expand their reach, increase patient volume, and reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining physical clinics. These virtual platforms are typically reimbursable, creating revenue opportunities for physicians.

  • Health and Wellness Modules: Developing and promoting health and wellness applications can be a revenue-generating opportunity for physicians. These modules on the right platform can provide valuable resources, such as cognitive and fitness programs, nutrition tracking, mental health support, or medication reminders. Physicians can collaborate with digital health innovators, offer expert guidance, and receive financial compensation through partnerships or licensing agreements.

  • Data Analytics and Population Health Management: Digital health platforms can collect and analyze vast amounts of patient data, supporting population health management initiatives. Physicians can use these tools to identify high-risk patient populations, implement dynamic care plans, and optimize resource allocation. By participating in value-based care programs that reward population health management, physicians can generate additional revenue based on improved patient outcomes and cost savings.  


Partnership and increased revenue for your practice are easy. Through our Partnership Program, we handle it all: Sales materials and Support, Distribution of the Digital Health Companion™, Technology support for the user and their family, and any required follow-up. 

Ready To Find Out How CareLink360 Can Provide Revenue Opportunities for Your Practice?

For more information about how CareLink360 can assist you in increasing your practice revenue and improve staff utilization, call us at: 888 - 762 - 4284 Ext. 802, and a professional from our team will assist you.

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