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Setting Your Assisted Living Facilities Apart From The Others


With the population of adults older than 85 projected to double by 2036 and triple by 2049, the number of Assisted and Memory Care facilities needed to accommodate these projections is estimated to be more than 980,000 new facilities.


With industry growth comes choice. At CareLink360, our goal is to partner with and support organizations like yours to help you increase revenue, drive operational efficiency, and achieve a higher level of resident and family satisfaction and happiness. 

By seamlessly integrating our Digital Health Companion™ into your Senior and Assisted Living Community, CareLink360 can set your community apart from others by providing:

  • Personalized health and wellness plans through content and activities based on residents' specific needs and preferences. Our Digital Health Companion™ accommodates various levels of cognitive ability and provides a range of memory tools and activities.

  • Engaging Activities that stimulate cognitive function in aging adults through diverse activities that offer a range of social, physical, intellectual, and creative activities to keep residents engaged and foster a sense of community.

  • Family Involvement through Virtual Social Therapy® provides opportunities for residents to engage with their loved ones in meaningful ways. Through our Digital Health Companion™, residents can host regular family events, support groups, educational sessions, and life involvement.

  • Enhanced Wellness Programs with our robust health and wellness modules that focus on physical fitness, mental stimulation, emotional well-being, and spiritual enrichment. 

Ready To Find Out More About What Our Clients Have To Say?

For more information about how CareLink360 can partner with your organization to set you apart from others, call us at: 888 - 762 - 4284 Ext. 802, and a professional from our team will assist you.

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